In recent years numerous new DAMTEC® products have been developed and improved. Most of our products received important certifications (CE marking, fire protection tests) and new impact sound tests were carried out at the same time. Not only the type of raw material and its composition can strongly influence the values of our impact sound insulation, but also the different material thicknesses have a great influence on impact sound reduction.
Due to these complex facts it is not easy to find the suitable DAMTEC® product for your project and its application.

For this reason we have developed our product finder, which is suitable for all types of impact sound insulation (under screed, under floor coverings or under wooden beam ceilings). In a maximum of 5 steps with simple selection options, the product finder determines exactly the DAMTEC® product that fits your application! Time-consuming preliminary researches in the product data sheets are therefore a thing of the past.