1. Project

Restructuring and Expansion Train Station West, Bremgarten


The West Train Station was expanded to increase its transport capacity. In addition to the renewal of three tracks and two side tracks, a new central platform and an exterior platform were created. The project included extending an existing pedestrian underpass and opening a ramp for wheelchair-friendly access.
Due to the dynamic forces generated by trains passing over them, the ballast stones are worn down over the course of time and shift. This ultimately leads to instability in the track system. As a result, the ballast bed above the pedestrian underpass is subjected to higher loads than in other sections.

The aim is to reduce the movement and wear of ballast stones. This lengthens the life and stability of the track system and protects the pedestrian underpass from mechanical compromise that would be caused by damaged ballast.

Sub-ballast mats of the type SBM K 20V were used to protect the ballast and seal. These mats have a significant advantage by ensuring a more uniform load on the ballast, thereby reducing its wear and tear. This offers high elasticity and resiliency, decreasing noise and increasing traveling comfort.

2. Assembly

The sub ballast mat DAMTEC SBM K 20V was installed according to the installation instructions of Kraiburg Relastec GmbH & Co. KG, based, among other things, on the guidelines of DB Netz AG. As with any other project, a plan was created by Kraiburg Relastec in advance to facilitate installation and to protect against errors.

Installation procedure:

  1. Cleaning the surface to be laid
  2. Distribute the 2K-PU adhesive according to be following specifications:
    Adhesive horizontal surfaces:
    12kg container (10kg Körapur 672 + 2x 1Kg Köracur TH650) for spot bonding DAMTEC® SBM K 20V
  3. The SBM is adapted to the pedestrian underpass with the fleece coating applied at the factory.
  4. The mat joints will be connected with 10cm alu-butyl Adhesive tape (Gerband 602.95). The tape also has a fleece coating.

3. Technical Data

Sub-ballast mat
Type K 20V
Strength 20mm elastic layer + ca. 2mm fleece
Mat dimension SBM K 20V 4000mm x 1250mm x 22mm
System Full-surface installation


Train Station West, Bremgarten
BDWM Transport AG
Category Full train/main train
Max. axle loads 20t