Extension of the railroad line U2 in Vienna, Austria

Key facts
Thickness 23 mm
System Sub Ballast Mat
Length 4,6 km and 9 km
Installation 2005-2006
City Vienna
Country Austria

Project description

Sub ballast mats are mainly for durability extension of ballast and reduction of maintenance intervals and are reduction of structure borne noise, vibrations and secondary airborne noise. They are optimized regarding the fulfilment of technical requirements and a high economy. At finished sections it was determined technically that a reduction of the structure borne noise emissions of approx. 5dB for frequencies >60Hz to at least 500Hz is obtained in comparison to a track without additional measures.

The construction of the third expansion stage of the Vienna underground started in 2001. This phase contained following network expansions:
• Expansion of the U1 railroad line toward north to the high-speed railway station Leopoldau (4.6 km).
• Expansion of the U2 railroad line from Schottenring to Aspernstraße (9 km).

After completion of this line-extension the underground network will altogether be 74.6 km long. The U2 is used for the development of the area Stadlau/Aspern to relocate as much as possible from the Donau cross over traffic, associated with a positiv effect of the already existing underground network (release of the U1). Through the extension of the U2 it will be possible, to get from the Donauspital to the Karlsplatz in around 20 minutes.


The sub ballast mat was misplaced directly onto the liner with a thickness of 23mm. The rising areas were also with one-time 23mm performed. To foreclose a slip of the mats and therewith also to avoid joints formation, the thrusts were stuck together with a ducktape .

As a protection layer there was an additional misplaced a fleece as a top film. Therefore the sub ballast mat is protected against dirtiness and ballast abrasion. Afterwards the installation of the ballast substructure started.

Wiener Linien

Wiener Linien


Posted on

26. October 2017