EUROFLEX® letter and number slabs made of recycled rubber granulate are used for the brain jogging field. The area of 5 x 5 m can be laid flush with the floor. Detailed installation instructions are supplied with the plates.

SMS Zahlenplatten

Training description

The user positions himself in the middle of the square and runs through a series of numbers or combinations assigned to him. Different variations are possible here. The user runs to each number and returns to the middle and so on. To mix things up, this game is also possible with color combinations or arithmetic tasks instead of number combinations. Futhermore, the rules can be altered to the effect that the numbers have to be touched either by the users hands or feet.



Muscle groups trained on the brain jogging field


Training effects


  • Training of the sense of balance, kinesthetic differentiation and spatial orientation skills
  • Training of the coordination of partial body movements to one goal-driven movement
  • sense of rhythm and reaction training


  • Improvement of strength endurance
  • Endurance training


  • Improvement of stability
  • Training of self-confidence and fall prophylaxis when walking
  • Increasing self-esteem through physical exertion in conjunction with cognitive performance