EUROFLEX® Paving Block Tile

Protects, is easy to install and looks great

The EUROFLEX® Paving Block tile is warmer than a hard stone, brick or tile surfacing material. So kids and adults can play and romp around without concern. Moreover, it is also pleasantly soft and therefore offers excellent protection against injuries to ligaments and joints. The high level of compression of the EUROFLEX® Paving Block tile is reflected in its high resistance to abrasion. Being elastic it offers protection for joints and ligaments during play. Supplied with plug-in connectors fitted at the factory the tiles are easy and cheap to install in a sturdy masonry-type bonding system without glue, both for bonded and compacted, load-bearing non-bonded sub-surfaces (excluding sand). In addition to being ideal for sidewalks or outdoor fitness equipment the EUROFLEX® Paving Block tile is also suitable for a diversity of other locations requiring safe and hard-wearing surface.

EUROFLEX® Paving Block Tile

Technical Data

granulated recycled rubber
Binding agent: MDI polyurethane
Length x width x height
500 x 500 x 40 mm
Max. fall height [m]
1,10 m
Area weight
approx. 36 kg/m²


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