KOMFORTEX® Floor Protection

Durable floor covering with low installation height

With its high slip and wear resistance, KOMFORTEX® Floor Protection offers similar properties to our slab products. However, KOMFORTEX® Floor Protection is installed flush as a roll and bonded directly to the subfloor. This creates an almost seamless surface, which is not only visually appealing, but also increases the safety of the horses. The low installation height further allows installation in difficult conditions without having to compromise on joint-protecting properties or noise damping.

KOMFORTEX® Floor Protection blau

Technical Data

Fine recycled tyre rubber granules and 15% EPDM colour granules bound with polyurethane
Colours (text)
black/blue, black/grey, other colours on request
Slight differences in colour and fading are due to the material.
Fine granule structure with coloured EPDM granules
Roll width
1500 mm (+/- 1,5 %)
12 mm (+/- 0,3 mm)
Roll length
10 000 mm


Data sheet PDF
Installation instruction PDF

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