SPORTEC® for art & design

Innovative rubber flooring for modern architects and designers – from SPORTEC®

design options
sound reduction
fire protection

requirements of the flooring

  • walking comfort: ergonomic for visitors and users
  • flexible and adaptable: can be made to fit various designs and shape
  • various design possibilities: easy integration with architectural design, colour and form
  • sound reducing properties: increase ambient comfort through less noise emission
  • low emissions: to avoid interactions with the exhibits and visitors
  • environmentally friendly: to contribute to ecological requirements
  • easy cleaning: to facilitate maintenance and meet the needs of high frequency use

solutions with SPORTEC® floorings

  • rubber flooring provides elasticity and protects joints
  • various design options through cutting in every shape
  • multiple colour options available
  • step sound reduction of approx. 16dB at 6mm thickness
  • floorings meet the requirements of AgBB (low emissions)
  • recycled material used in some flooring
  • easy cleaning and maintenance through varnish finish

Reference projects