SPORTEC® for basketball

Whether Indoors or Outdoors, SPORTEC® offers a solution for basketball surfaces that can be used all year round

ball rebound
player comfort
resilience and weather resistance

requirements of the flooring

  • resilience: to resist exposure to diverse dynamic of movements (pivoting, acceleration, jumping) and loads during the game
  • player comfort: to prevent injuries to the musculoskeletal system and the joints of the players and to avoid damage from falling
  • high ball rebound: so that basketball can be played without any problems
  • weather resistance: enabling the product to be used in all areas and in all climates around the world
  • easy installation: cost efficiency because no heavy machines are necessary
  • easy cleaning and maintenance: fast and easy for everyone

solutions with SPORTEC® UNI floorings

  • resilient flooring through on-site glued system consisting of high compressed elastic layer and wear-resistant EPDM top layer
  • increased protection of players through elastic underlay
  • ball rebound of 100%
  • weather resistance given through EPDM top layer
  • just roll out, cut and glue
  • brushing and wiping with water is sufficient

Reference projects