SPORTEC® for cardio

For jogging, rowing, spinning and stepper machines, SPORTEC® floors are adapted to deal with lots of light footwork with long term benefits

stability for the cardio devices
sound-reducing properties
protection of substrate from damage

requirements of the flooring

  • athlete comfort: ergonomic and shock absorbing for athletes, protecting their joints
  • stability: so that the devices have a safe stand on the floor and no movement or slipping of the devices is possible
  • sound reducing properties: less ambient noise in the gym; in multi-storey buildings minimization of vibration into surrounding rooms
  • resilience: to meet the high forces of diverse courses of fitness; one floor for all exercises and workouts
  • protection of substrate: to avoid substrate damage from high dynamic forces and avoid incurred costs for repairs
  • easy installation: save money because no heavy machines are necessary

solutions by SPORTEC® flooring

  • rubber flooring provides elasticity and protects joints
  • anti-slip property R10 or R9 (according to DIN 51130) and DS-Label
  • 16 dB at 6 mm thickness up to approx. 20 dB at 10 – 12 mm thickness
  • durable, robust and wear-resistant surface
  • protection of substrate through highly compressed flooring
  • just roll out, cut and glue

Reference projects