SPORTEC® for climbing

Three SPORTEC® systems helping to protect wall climbers and boulderers

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requirements of the flooring

  • slip resistance: to offer the belayer a secure footing
  • Fall protection: in order to reduce the risk of injury in a crash
  • durability: ensure that the floor retains its positive properties for several years
  • weather resistance: so that the flooring can be used in all areas and in all climates around the world
  • individually customizable: selection of different systems and color designs
  • easy installation: save money because no heavy machines are necessary
  • easy cleaning and maintenance: fast and easy for everyone

solutions by SPORTEC® flooring

  • anti-slip property R10 for SPORTEC color and R11 for SPORTEC motionflex
  • increased protection by elastic substructure
  • durable and resistant
  • individual design
  • rolls just roll out, cut and glue
  • puzzle-tiles just lay down loose and plug together
  • brushing and wiping with water is sufficient

SPORTEC® clamber PU

Combination of 2 products

Total thickness: 22-23 mm
Shock Absorption: 50,5% without PU-coating (Result of the complete system depends on PU-coating)
Selective HIC measurement: 0,7 m (HIC 1000) without PU-coating

top layer

2-3mm PU coating

SPORTEC® clamber duo

combination of 2 products

Total thickness: 22mm
Shock absorption: 52,9%
Selective HIC measurement: 0,7 m (HIC 1000)

SPORTEC® clamber system

combination of 3 products

Total thickness: 29 mm
Shock Absorption: 65,1%
Selective HIC measurement: 0,8 m (HIC 1000)