SPORTEC® for dog training

Agilty course equipement flooring from SPORTEC® to help look after our canine friends

slip resistance
protection for dog paws

requirements of the flooring

  • soft and comfortable flooring: so that the dogs have a good feeling with the floor and are at ease when doing agility training
  • safe for use with dogs: no risk of damage or infection to dog paws
  • scratch resistant surface: to avoid dogs damage the floor with their claws while having training lessons or playing on it
  • anti-slip surface: to avoid injury to the dogs whilst training
  • weather resistant: so that the flooring can be used indoors and outdoors, and in all climates around the world
  • easy cleaning: fast and easy for everybody

solutions with SPORTEC® UNI versa

  • comfortable surface with soft and open pored granulate structure
  • made from safe, high-quality EPDM granules
  • open pored surface structure make the flooring scratch resistant
  • anti-slip property R10 according to DIN 51130
  • made of weather resistant EPDM granules
  • brushing, wet wiping or cleaning with high-pressure water cleaner is sufficient