SPORTEC® for hockey

Shock absorbing elastic layers from SPORTEC® with low drainage that contributes to a great hockey surface and protects the players


requirements of the elastic layer

  • applicability: to match the special requirements of hockey sports with various types of artificial grass; one mat for all types of artificial grass
  • permeability: pitch must stay wet but remain free of any puddles
  • high shock absorption: to protect the player from injuries
  • weather resistant and durable: so that the elastic layer can be used in all areas and in all climates around the world and is cost efficient
  • easy installation: save money because no heavy machines are necessary
  • conformity to norms: the elastic layer must contribute to the artificial grass system meeting the performance requirements of the applicable norms

solutions with SPORTEC® team soft

  • adapted for all usual hockey artificial grass systems
  • low permeability helping to meet hockey surface requirements
  • high shock absorption through fibre-elastic structure
  • rot resistant SBR fibre raw material ensure durability
  • just roll out and cut as needed
  • contributes to norm conformity of artificial system

Suitable SPORTEC® products

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