SPORTEC® for hotels

Innovative rubber flooring for designers and fitness clubs alike – from SPORTEC®

design options
fire protection
sound reduction

requirements of the flooring

  • walking comfort: ergonomic for hotel guests and employees
  • slip and step safety: to avoid falling or injury
  • versatile design and use: easy adaption to the design and architecture of the hotel and can be used in receptions, hallways, fitness rooms & locker rooms
  • fire protection class: to meet the safety requirements of the hospitality industry and enable guests and employees to leave the building safely
  • resilience to frequent use: to resist wear and tear of every day use
  • easy cleaning & maintenance: keep cleaning costs low
  • step sound properties: less ambient noise, in multi-storey buildings minimising noise disturbance in surrounding rooms

solutions with SPORTEC® floorings

  • rubber flooring provides elasticity and protects joints
  • anti-slip property R9 (DIN 51130) and DS-Label
  • multi-coloured floorings can combined together and cut in any needed shape; various flooring combinations possible depending on area of use
  • fire protection class Cfl-s1 „flame retardant“
  • resilient, robust and wear-resistant surface
  • easy cleaning of the flooring through its varnish coating
  • step sound reduction of 16 dB at 6 mm thickness

Reference projects