SPORTEC® for weight-lifting

Weights can be dropped from all heights and our SPORTEC® solutions not only resist the shock, but also reduce noise and vibration

shock absorption
design options

requirements of the flooring

  • stability: so that the athlete is well supported when lifting weights, do not slip and avoid injury
  • shock absorption / low rebound: to constantly absorb the shock of falling weights whilst minimising risk of injury to ankles & shins
  • protection of substrate: to avoid substrate damage from high impact forces and avoid incurred costs for repairs
  • protection of sports equipment: to avoid damage to the sports equipment and avoid incurred costs for replacement
  • mobile floor covering: the weight-lifting area can have various designs and should be easy to move or alter if necessary
  • easy installation: fast & easy – no special skills required
  • sound reducing properties: less ambient noise in the gym; in multi-storey buildings minimization of vibration into surrounding rooms

solutions by SPORTEC® style

  • compressed material gives athlete force stability & has high anti-slip properties – R9 / R10 (DIN 51130) + DS-Label
  • integrated three layer system spreads shock throughout the tile, absorbing weight and reducing rebound
  • substrate protection through integrated fibre mesh
  • sports equipment protection through elastic, force reducing tiles
  • loose laid tiles are easily interchangeable and give absolute mobility within the gym
  • loose laid tiles with connector pins included
  • sound reduction of 26 dB at 30mm strong tile