SPORTEC® for wintersports

Protective SPORTEC® flooring for ski lifts and ski resorts

ski boot friendly
anti-slip properties

Requirements of the flooring

  • anti-slip properties: to ensure the safety of people walking in ski boots preventing falls and injuries
  • walking comfort: to absorb shock and prevent damage to skiers´ joints
  • protection of skiing boots: to avoid costs of replacement of ski boots due to damaged fasteners or soles
  • protection of substrate: to avoid costs of repairs to damaged substrate
  • durability: to withstand the load of ski boots, skis and snowboards, tiles can be laid onto grid constructions
  • easy installation: save money because no heavy machines are necessary
  • easy changing: no special tools or knowlegde necessary
  • sound reducing properties: increase comfort and reduce noise emissions

Solutions with SPORTEC® flooring

  • anti-slip property R10 or R9 (according to DIN 51130)
  • increased comfort for people through shock-absorbing rubber floor
  • ski boot protection through 10 – 12 mm resilient flooring
  • substrate protection through highly compressed flooring
  • durable, robust and wear-resistant surface
  • tiles are reinforced with a mash backwards
  • just roll out, cut and glue
  • loose laid tiles are changeable directly within the connected area
  • approx. 20 dB step-sound reduction at 10 – 12 mm thickness

Reference projects