SPORTEC® for yoga & pilates

A soft base to help flexibility and relaxation

protection of the joints
shock absorption

requirements of the flooring

  • protection of the joints: suitability of the sports flooring even for older people and people in rehabilitation sports
  • high shock absorption: so that as less force as possible affect the joints and hence support the rehabilitation process
  • durability: to avoid a regular replacement of mats; save time and money
  • easy cleaning: cost efficient and fast cleaning to meet the requirements of high frequented areas
  • flexibility: to cover a wide range of applications
  • comfortable surface haptic: increase the „wellness-feeling“ and by that way the motivation of the athletes

SPORTEC® solutions

  • soft, shock absorbing PU-foam mat protect the joints
  • very high shock absorption of 44% with a thickness of just 9mm
  • shape-stable PU-foam with resilient and wear-resistant surface
  • easy cleaning because of dirt- and water resistant surface
  • loose layable puzzle mat with interlocking teeth and high elasticity, material can easily be rolled and creased
  • slight pebbled surface structure for comfortable feeling

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