SPORTEC® color

Rugged, easy-to-clean allround flooring




Weight Lifting

6 colour hues...

0, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 50% EPDM percentage

... and 9 standard colours

for perfect design variety

SPORTEC® color

Rugged, easy-to-clean allround flooring

SPORTEC® color is a rugged, easy-to-clean and water-repellent floor covering material for use in fitness and gym facilities, retail outlets, exhibition halls, equipment storage rooms and ice sports stadiums. Thanks of its excellent durabillity and high resistance to mechanical wear, SPORTEC® color is the all-rounder solution for rubber flooring. Choose from our range of colours and hues to create a room that matches your colour scheme, offers great walking comfort and absorbs impact and room noise.

Technical Data

Fine-grained recycled tyre rubber (black) and 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% or 50 % of coloured EPDM granules bonded with polyurethane elastomer. Standard product is a share of 15% EPDM
fine granule structure with coloured EPDM granules
Roll width / thickness /roll length
1,500 mm / 4 mm / 30 m
1,500 mm / 6 mm / 20 m
1,500 mm / 8 mm / 15 m
1,500 mm / 10 mm / 12 m
(length/ width ± 1,5%, thickness ± 0,3 mm)
approx. 1,050 kg/m³
Fire resistance
Efl (B2) (EN 13501-1)
Tensile strength
min. 1.5 N/mm² (EN ISO 1798)
Elongation at break
min. 80 % (EN ISO 1798)


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