SPORTEC® FT Design Templates

Prepared kits for making your own functional training designs

SPORTEC® FT design is the easy kind to design creative and functional training areas. The matched to each other stencils can combine individually and provides a large variety of different training possibilities. The size of the training area can adjust by the amount of used stencils and can be added and completed anytime. By that way SPORTEC® FT design offers even for designing of individual training areas, an easy and flexible solution for everyone, adapted for existing floors as well as for new to install SPORTEC® floorings.

Functional Training Design

Technical Data

Prefabricated stencils to stick onto existing SPORTEC® flooring and 2-component PU paint to apply the chosen design elements.
Standard colors of 2-components PU-paint:
blue (RAL 5012)
green (RAL 6018)
grey (RAL 7040)
white (RAL 9016)
yellow (RAL 1021)
The stencils are made of transparent adhesive foil, and depending to the design has a dimension of 1.00m x 1.00m or 1.00m x 1.25m. A FT design set consists of 4 stencils and 2-components PU paint.
Length x width
1.00m x 1.00m (Corner, Tic Tac Toe)
1.00m x 1.25m (Hoops, Ladder, Meter, Pulling Distance)


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