SPORTEC® golf slab

SPORTEC® golf slab is the ideal flooring for walkways, terraces and teeing areas on golf courses. It offers a pleasant waling feeling and protects the golf club by its springy effect. The integrated connector pin system allows cost-effective and easy installation. The installation in T-connection guarantees a very good dimensional stability. Environmentally friendly production and recycling. (KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co.KG double recycling guarantee).

SPORTEC Golfplatte

Technical Data

Recycling tyre rubber granules bonded with polyurethane elastomer.
red (black, grey or green on request) (small colour differences can occur due to raw material)
open-pored smooth
Lower side
30 mm (± 2 mm)
Length x width
500 mm / 500mm (± 0.8 %)
Area weight
approx. 26.4 kg/m²


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