Ideal protection slab for ice stadiums

SPORTEC® ice is a protection tile which has been specially developed to meet the needs of ice stadiums, which protects the subbase against damage by mechanical action, as well as the blades of the ice skates. The surface made of our floor coverings SPORTEC® color or SPORTEC® purcolor ensures a particular high slip resistance. The simple installation, tiles are laid loose on the ground and plugged together with connector pins, as well as excellent sound-absorbing properties are further arguments for the use of SPORTEC® ice.

SPORTEC ice color 0

Technical Data

Polyurethane-bonded recycling tyre rubber granules with a surface layer made of SPORTEC® floor coverings with paving stone optics.
SPORTEC® color:
black, black/grey

SPORTEC® purcolor:
light grey, dark grey

(small colour differences can occur due to raw material)
Paving stone optics, Surface made of SPORTEC® floor covering
(SPORTEC® color or SPORTEC® purcolor)
Lower side
dimpled base with a reinforcing mesh
30 mm (± 2 mm)
Length x width
500 mm / 500 mm (± 0.8 %)
Weight slab
approx. 6.8 kg


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