SPORTEC® motionflex

Light-weight puzzle mats for yoga, pilates, wellness and group fitness

SPORTEC® motionflex is a jigsaw puzzle mat made of fine polyurethane foam. It has been developed especially for indoor applications that involve highly dynamic movements and endurence. No matter if aerobics, Body-Pump, certain combat sports, cardio boxing or wellness activities, Yoga, Pilates, or reha - SPORTEC® motionflex offers crucial advantages for a successful and safe workout. SPORTEC® motionflex ensures high walking comfort and still allows for precies motion sequences. Due to its jigsaw puzzle interlocking system, SPORTEC® motionflex is connected quickly and firmly and can be adapted or complemented to any floor plan shape.

SPORTEC motionflex blau

Technical Data

Polyurethane soft integral foam
green, blue, dark grey, light grey
(slight color differences are due to manufacturing)
grained leather-look
Lower side
9 mm (± 0.3 mm)
Length x width
930 mm / 930 mm (± 1.5 %) / dimension puzzle tile
900 mm / 900 mm (± 1.5 %) / covering dimension


Data sheet PDF
Installation instruction PDF
Cleaning and care instruction PDF

Advantages of SPORTEC® motionflex thanks to PUR compared to EVA, PE, PP foam mats

  • More elasticity than comparable mats
  • Very comfortable walking feeling, soft surface
  • High force reduction with comparatively thin layer
  • Permanently elastic, no indentations after loading
  • Very good resistance to punctual stress, no penetration / no damage to the surface skin
  • No cracks remain on the surface
  • Absolutely odourless (no odour)

Design your individual surface with the SPORTEC® motionflex designer!