SPORTEC® mountain

Ideal solution for ski resorts, ski lifts and ski-rental shops

SPORTEC® mountain is the perfect solution for ski resorts, ski lifts and shops for ski rental. SPORTEC® mountain is due to the high elasticity ideal for walking on with ski boots and offers a high walking comfort, but is also drivable by trolley and could be passed by service cart. Owing to the high slip resistance and attractive colours SPORTEC® mountain is also ideal for ski lifts. Due to its high-quality EPDM top layer SPORTEC® mountain meets the requirements of fire classification Cfl-s1.

SPORTEC mountain EPDM blau

Technical Data

Polyurethane-bonded recycling tyre rubber granules and a reinforcing mash at the bottom, and a surface made of EPDM granules bonded with polyurethane.
beige, red, green, grey, dark grey and blue
low colour differences are conditional of material
closed structure of granules
Lower side
smooth with drainage and a reinforcing mesh
30 mm (± 2 mm)
Length x width
500 mm / 500 mm (± 0.8 %)
Weight slab
approx. 6.7 kg


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