SPORTEC® sprint

Elastic layer for indoor start and warm-up areas

SPORTEC® sprint

High-performance indoor flooring product for top athletes

The SPORTEC® sprint elastic layer offers extra strength and reliability for indoor athletics facilities, especially in the start and warm-up areas. SPORTEC® sprint is a cost efficient solution designed for fast installation. The floor surface made in polyurethane with interspersed EPDM granules makes the SPORTEC® sprint product extremely durable, resistant to wear and spike-proof. A special reinforcing layer guarantees dimensional stability and durability, effectively stabilising the movements of track and field athletes and other sports enthusiast over a long period of time. SPORTEC® sprint is rot-proof and does not harden or become brittle over time.

SPORTEC spirnt

Technical Data

High-grade recycled rubber granules bonded with polyurethane elastomer.
granule structure
6, 8 and 10 mm (± 0.3 mm)
Roll width
1,250 mm (± 1.5 %)
Roll length
20 m (at 6 mm)
15 m (at 8 mm)
12 m (at 10 mm)


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