SPORTEC® style

Protection for weight lifting areas

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SPORTEC® style

color 15, UK

SPORTEC® style

color 15, Croatia

SPORTEC® style

color 15, Japan

Surfaces in color 15...

... Surfaces in purcolor...

... and in UNI versa.

SPORTEC® style

Protects the subfloor from damage

SPORTEC® style protects subfloors from damage by falling heavy objects, e.g. in weightlifting areas of fitness centres or training facilities. Even if not themselves damaged by falling weights, conventional floor surfaces transmit impact shock which often results in serious damage to the concrete subfloor. SPORTEC® style avoids this deep-impact damage while providing outstanding sound deadening as well.

Technical Data

Polyurethane-bonded recycling tyre rubber granules with a surface layer made of SPORTEC® floor coverings.
SPORTEC® color (with 15% EPDM)
SPORTEC® purcolor
SPORTEC® UNI versa (only for 30mm)
Lower side
dimpled base with a reinforcing mesh
colour of base adapted to colour of floor covering top layer (black, grey or red)
30 mm (± 2 mm)
70 mm (± 2 mm)
Length x width
500 mm / 500 mm (± 0.8 %)
1000 mm / 500 mm (± 0.8 %) (only for 30mm)
Area weight
approx. 27.0 kg/m² (at 30mm)
approx. 49.6 kg/m² (at 70mm)
Weight slab
At 30mm:
approx. 6.8 kg (at 500 mm x 500 mm)
approx. 13,6 kg (at 1000 mm x 500 mm)

At 70mm:
approx. 12.4 kg (at 500 mm x 500 mm)
Fire resistance
Efl (B2)a,c (EN 13501-1)
Cfl-s1 (B1)b (EN 13501-1)
(a tile surface with SPORTEC® color 15)
(b tile surface with SPORTEC® purcolor)
(c tile surface with SPORTEC® UNI versa)


Data sheet PDF
Installation instruction PDF
Cleaning and care instruction PDF

Colour combinations lower side / surface

  • color 0
  • color 15 bright yellow
  • color 15 green
  • color 15 blue-grey
  • color 15 blue
  • color 15 red
  • color 15 lilac
  • color 15 grey
  • color 15 dark grey
  • color 15 bright orange
  • purcolor red
  • purcolor blue
  • purcolor light grey
  • purcolor medium grey
  • purcolor dark grey
  • UNI versa red
  • UNI versa blue
  • UNI versa green
  • UNI versa beige
  • UNI versa dark grey

style color 0

style color 15 bright yellow

style color 15 green

style color 15 blue-grey

style color 15 blue

style color red

style color 15 lilac

style color 15 grey

style color 15 dark grey

style color 15 bright orange

style purcolor red

style purcolor blue

style purcolor light grey

style purcolor medium grey

style purcolor dark grey

style UNI versa red

style UNI versa blue

style UNI versa green

style UNI versa beige

style uni versa dark grey

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