SPORTEC® supercell

SPORTEC® supercell is used as an indoor elastic layer for sports and multi-purpose facilities where volleyball, handball, basketball, badminton and tennis are played. Through its softness SPORTEC® supercell elastic layer improving safety and help to prevent damage to joints. Hence, it is ideal adapted to be used in school sports. A mix of fine-grain recycled foam granules bonded with polyurethane elastomer offers unrivalled flexibility and excellent ball rebound properties and is easy to install.


Technical Data

Fine-grain recycled PU-foam and Latex granules bonded with polyurethane elastomer.
fine granule structure
6 - 10 mm (-5/ +15 %)
Roll width
1,500 mm (± 10 mm)
Roll length
20 m (at 6 mm)      13 m (at 9 mm)
17 m (at 7 mm)      12 m (at 10 mm)
15 m (at 8 mm)
(+ max. 5 %)
Fire resistance
depending on PU top coating


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