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KOMFORTEX elastic slab

KOMFORTEX®  Elastic Slab

KOMFORTEX elastic pavers

KOMFORTEX®  Elastic Pavers

KOMFORTEX surfacing slab


KOMFORTEX® horse flooring products

Our KOMFORTEX® surfaces feature high thermal insulation against cold from the ground and long-term resistance to urine.They are frost-proof and weather-resistant and, above all, permeable to water. KOMFORTEX® flooring systems also provide a surefooted surface with positive slip-resistance characteristics, reducing accidents and the risk of injury without negative effects on the hoof mechanism. The high elasticity of the surfaces improves circulation and hoof growth. The noise-reducing properties of KOMFORTEX® products minimize stress resulting from noise in the stable, which has a positive effect on the health of the horses.

KOMFORTEX® flooring systems can be installed quickly and easily even on unbonded surfaces. They are easy to cut and clean. The special product design and the choice of extremely high-quality materials are a guarantee for long life. When used to stabilize the ground in paddocks, KOMFORTEX® surfaces create dry areas for horses to move about and lie down. This can prevent soggy ground and associated hoof problems.