KRAITEC® for flat roofs

protection for sealing sheet, integrated separation layers

KRAITEC® for green roofs

rot-proof, waterproof, drainage capability

KRAITEC® for maintenance ways

slip-resistance, quick and easy laying

KRAITEC® step for terraces and balconies

slip-resistance, quick and easy laying

KRAITEC® as protective layer for terraces & balconies

impact sound insulation, drainage capability

KRAITEC® Structural Protection

KRAITEC® structural protection mats are elastic products with outstanding resiliency for reliable service under heavy loads. KRAITEC® products are used on flat roofs or terraces, roof terraces and balconies in many different applications. They are made from high-quality recycled rubber granulate complying with exacting specifications thus taking an active part in protecting the environment. Various product developments such as laminations or 3D profiles guarantee a perfectly suited product for many different applications.


KRAITEC® at the Batimat in Paris

The Batimat in Paris presents innovative solutions in the construction industry and serves as an exchange platform for experts from all over the world. The KRAITEC® team will be there again this year, so feel free to visit us! 04. – 08. November 2019 Parc des...

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New: KRAITEC® step cross

KRAITEC® step cross is an elastic protection slab made with high-quality rubber granulate, which is used on balconies, terraces and flat roofs (for example to protect existing seals, from plastic films or bituminous membranes). KRAITEC® step cross balcony and terrace...

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Neu: KRAITEC® top drain plus

Bautenschutzmatte mit Vlieskaschierung und Wellenschnitt KRAITEC® top drain plus ist eine profilierte, filtervlieskaschierte Bautenschutz- und Drainagematte. Diese bietet ein hohes Maß an Drainagewirkung durch und unter der Matte hinweg. Sie bietet Schutz vor...

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