DAMTEC® sonic

Structural protection mat for sound insulation

Peace and quiet is a basic need that is highly valued in our time. Effective impact sound insulation increases quality of life; effective vibration insulation creates a pleasant living and working atmosphere. DAMTEC® sonic is a special structural protection mat in accordance with DIN 18531 for impact sound protection on roof terraces, balconies and loggias . DAMTEC ® sonic is installed in classic constructions with concrete slabs on a gravel bed and thermal insulation by means of PIR, EPS or XPS (warm and inverted roof).

DAMTEC sonic Rolle Drainage

Technical Data

Recycling-based rubber granulates bonded with PU elastomer.
Black with blue colour particles
Granulate structure
Length (roll-form mats)
as ordered ± 1.5%
Width (roll-form mats)
1250 mm ± 1.5%
Thickness (roll-form mats)
8 mm ± 0.3 mm


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DAMTEC® sonic brochure

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