DAMTEC® sonic FiRe

DAMTEC® sonic FiRe is a special flame-retardant building protection mat in accordance with DIN 18531 for impact sound insulation on roof terraces, balconies, loggias and arcades. DAMTEC® sonic FiRe has a flame-retardant finish which contributes to a considerable reduction in the fire load on flat roofs, balconies and loggias. DAMTEC® sonic FiRe is a Broof (t1) classified building protection mat for impact sound insulation in outdoor areas, which is considered a "hard roofing" that is resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat. For this purpose, DAMTEC® sonic FiRe is laid in classic constructions with concrete slabs in chippings bedding and thermal insulation by PIR, EPS or XPS (warm and inverted roof).

sonic FiRe

Technical Data

Polyurethane-bonded recycled rubber granulate (may have slight scent typical of rubber) with flame-retardant finish.
black with blue colour particles
Length (roll-form mats)
8000mm (± 1.5 %)
Width (roll-form mats)
1250mm (± 1.5 %)
Thickness (roll-form mats)
8mm (± 1 mm)
approx. 780kg/m³
Area weight
approx. 6,24kg/m²
Fire resistance
Cfl S1 (DIN EN 13501-1)
Broof (t1) (DIN EN 13501-5)


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