KRAITEC® step for terraces and balconies

Requirements for balcony and terrace coverings and reasons for them

  • Anti-slip and pleasant walking feeling: So that slipping is prevented, even on wet surfaces. Creation of a pleasant walking feeling, reduced risk of injuries.
  • Footfall sound insulating properties: So that residential areas beneath are soundproofed.
  • Tested fire behaviour: for providing protection from fire
  • Frost-resistant: For protecting the layers beneath from the effects of the weather.
  • Appealing colour and design options: Production of a pleasant living climate due to a multitude of colour selection options.
  • Quick and easy to put down: Without heavy equipment in order to keep costs down
  • Quick and easy cleaning: To counter natural external influences and retain the covering.
  • Material resistance to UV radiation: No signs of fatigue caused by UV radiation.
  • Seal protection: Absorption of impacts and optimum load distribution by the panels

Solutions with KRAITEC®

  • Slip resistance R10 (in accordance with DIN 51130:2014-02) and evaluation group C (for wet barefoot areas DIN 51097:1992-11). The elasticity of the panels provides a pleasant walking feeling, even barefoot.
  • Footfall noise insulation improvements of up to 27dB possible.*Laboratory measurements
  • In accordance with DIN EN 13501-5 Brooft1
  • Frost-resistant and water permeable due to open granular structure, no puddle formation. Quick water drainage through drainage channels.
  • 4 standard colours, 6 other colours and 5 neon colours available.
  • Easy loose and quick laying technique with plug-in connectors pre-installed in the factory, quickly replaceable.
  • Easy cleaning with water, brush and weak soapy solution, in the event of heavy soiling a high-pressure cleaner can also be used *see cleaning recommendation
  • Resistant in accordance with DIN EN 1297 and DIN EN ISO 3386-2, slight colour changes due to the effects of the environment
  • The high degree of elasticity makes it possible to absorb impacts and dissipate them via the surface, there are also no sharp or pointed edges which damage the seal.

Reference Projects