KRAITEC® protect

Heavy-duty structural protection

KRAITEC® protect is the heavy-duty protective mat for extreme applications and structural loads within the meaning of DIN 18531, 18533 and 18535 . It is a premium product made from selected materials complying with strict specifications. Due to its high density, KRAITEC® protect does not require weighing down prior to installation as do geotextiles. Made to exacting quality standards, KRAITEC® protect is extremely rugged and is the optimum solution wherever highest physical demands must be met. Being odourless as well, we recommend KRAITEC® protect for applications without full-surface covering (e.g. installations under spaced-slat flooring or other noncontinuous surfacing) on terraces, loggias and balconies.

KRAITEC protect

Technical Data

Premium-grade recycled rubber crumbs (odourless), bonded with polyurethane.
Width (individual mats)
1000 mm ± 1.5 %
Length (individual mats)
2000 mm ± 1.5 %
Thickness (individual mats)
6, 8, 10 ± 0.6 mm
Length (roll-form mats)
as ordered ± 1.5 %
Width (roll-form mats)
1250 mm ± 1.5 %
Thickness (roll-form mats)
6, 8, 10 mm ± 0.6 mm
12 mm ± 1 mm


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