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2 year material and performance warranty


GUMMIWERK KRAIBURG RELASTEC GMBH (the “Manufacturer”) offers the following
limited warranty to the original purchaser (the “Purchaser”) of our KRAITEC products (the

1) The Manufacturer warrants that the Product will:
(a) Comply with the technical specifications set out in the Manufacturer’s published technical
and promotional materials at the time of sale; and
(b) be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date
of purchase from the Manufacturer or its authorized distributor or dealer, subject to the
limitations and conditions set out below (collectively, the “Warranty”).
For the purposes of this Warranty, the date of purchase shall be the date of the invoice of the
Manufacturer or its authorized distributor or dealer.

2) The Manufacturer’s sole liability under the Warranty shall be limited to the cost of repair or
replacement (replacement costs are limited to material costs and do not include labour costs) of the Product as set out above, at its sole option. In order for the cost of repair to be covered by the Warranty as set out above, the repairs must be performed by the Manufacturer or by a third party authorized by the Manufacturer to perform repairs; the cost of repairs performed by the Purchaser or an unauthorized third party shall not be covered by the Warranty. The cost of repair or replacement shall not include any installation costs or other costs, which shall be borne by the Purchaser.

3) The Warranty shall only be applicable provided that:
– the Manufacturer receives written notice of any defect no later than fifteen (15) days
after the Purchaser first has knowledge thereof;
– the Product has been stored, handled, erected, installed, operated, maintained or
otherwise used in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions;
– the Product has not been subject to any use other than that for which it was designed
nor been involved in any accident;
– the Purchaser has not itself or through a third party performed or attempted to perform
repairs or corrective work without the Manufacturer’s prior written consent;
– the Manufacturer is given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the Product in question
and is satisfied that it is defective; and
– the Manufacturer has received full payment of the purchase price of the Product or any
instalment(s) due thereon.