EUROFLEX® rubber slabs & accessories for playgrounds

EUROFLEX® rubber slabs guarantee the highest safety standard on playgrounds – for the past 40 years. They allow children to romp about happily, without risk of injury. EUROFLEX® rubber slabs offer effective protection when children jump or fall to the ground by attenuating the impact and therefore reducing the risk of injury.
EUROFLEX® rubber slabs are also effective as an elastic floor covering in nursing homes and rehabilitation centres, multi-generation recreation facilities, schoolyards, under gymnastic and climbing equipment and as walkways. Our alphabet, number and theme slabs are ideal for designing playgrounds in schools, kindergartens and day care
facilities; they offer educational and visual enhancement for all sports and play areas and amusement parks.

TÜV Süd approved             VDFU logo             BSFH approved

New: EUROFLEX® Caterpillar Head

The EUROFLEX® caterpillar head is a design element that can be used to combine half balls and balls to form a caterpillar. The elements then offer a seating accommodation or an opportunity to play for children and can be extended by any number of EUROFLEX® balls. The...

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New: EUROFLEX® Half Heart

The EUROFLEX® Half Heart design element can be used individually as a composite seating element or as a decorative design element in pedestrian zones, shopping centres or parks. Depending on a vertical or horizontal installation, holes are drilled on the underside or...

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New: EUROFLEX® interactive games

Turn the tail of the animal or the cap of a mushroom and energy will be created. A random audio file will be selected, this can be animal sounds, an imaginary language, music whatever you like. The MP3-files are stored on an internal USB-drive and can be changed easily.

  • Human powered
  • No power supply needed
  • Adjustable volume
  • Digital audio quality
  • USB MP3 for audio feedback inside (USB stick with animal sounds and stories in German and English language is included in the delivery)