EUROFLEX® Elastic Pavement Blocks

Walking comfort for all ages

Safety and aesthetic design are not always mutually exclusive options. For designers of multipurpose sports and recreational facilities, this is best exemplified by EUROFLEX® Elastic Pavement Blocks. EUROFLEX® Elastic Pavement Blocks have high elasticity, providing effective cushioning for players`ligaments and joints. Excellent ball rebound properties are achieved by high compression in manufacturing. The interlocking pavement blocks offer unlimited combination possibilities, e. g. with conventional paving materials, allowing maximum flexibility and freedom in design. A problem-free, easy and fast installation saves money and time. An installation over existing asphalt or concrete pavements is also possible.

EUROFLEX Elastikpflaster

Technical Data

granulated recycled rubber
Binding agent: polyurethane
base layer: red, green or black
minor colour variations and/or fading possible
Dimensions [mm]
Full blocks: approx. 200 x 165 x 43 mm
Half blocks: approx. 100 x 165 x 43 mm
Starter blocks: approx. 200 x 140 x 43 mm
Max. fall height [m]
1.00 m
length, width: ± 0,8 %, thickness: ± 2 mm, weight ± 0,200 kg/unit


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