EUROFLEX® borders and peripheral components

Although the playing surface is the obvious center of attention in playgrounds, sports and recreational facilities, it is not the only area where impact protection makes a difference. Peripheral zones such as corners, edges and nearby steps can cause serious injuries if fallen on and also require special surfacing to ensure optimum protection. EUROFLEX® peripheral components provide protection in these potentially treacherous areas and minimize hazards for players and athletes of all ages

EUROFLEX step blocks

EUROFLEX® Step Blocks

EUROFLEX lawn edging

EUROFLEX® Lawn Edging

EUROFLEX protective edging

EUROFLEX® Protective Edging

EUROFLEX perimeter panel

EUROFLEX® perimeter-panels

EUROFLEX edge protector

EUROFLEX® edge protector

EUROFLEX rubber palisades

EUROFLEX® Rubber Palisades

EUROFLEX modular sandbox edging

EUROFLEX® modular sandbox edging

EUROFLEX edge and corner profile

EUROFLEX® Edge and Corner Profiles