EUROFLEX® Lawn Edging / EPDM

The ideal solution against stumbling hazards

While important for a tidy appearance, edge trim around playing areas, playgrounds and sports facilities can be an invisible sharp-edged hazard when fallen on. Highly soft and visible, EUROFLEX® Lawn Edging is designed specifically to provide safe bordering for lawns of all types. EUROFLEX® Lawn Edging is made from selected recycled rubber material which is highly flexible (90° radius), easy to cut, highly resistant to outdoor weathering and provides maximum protection against injuries. Grooves at the bottom of the edging elements ensure secure anchoring in the poured concrete base. Installation is made easy by convenient connector pins.

Lawn Edging

Technical Data

Standard: Rubber granulate: granulated recycled rubber
EPDM: granulated recycled rubber; Border: colored new EPDM granulate
Binding agent: MDI polyurethane
Standard: Reddish brown, green, grey or black
EPDM: lower part: red, edge: according to EPDM colour palette
(minor colour variation possible)
Smooth with open pores. One side has anchoring grooves near lower edge. Two connector pins for connection to adjacent elements.
Length x width x height
1000 x 250 x 50 mm
Weight [kg] / piece
approx. 11,0 kg
length, width: +/- 0,8 %; thickness: +/- 2 mm


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