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Product divisions

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DAMTEC® Acoustics and Vibration Isolation

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KRAITEC® Structural Protection

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EUROFLEX® Impact Protection and Playground Accessories

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SPORTEC® Sports Flooring and Elastic Layers

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KRAITEC® Anti-slip mats for securing loads

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KOMFORTEX® Horse Flooring systems

About KRAIBURG Relastec

KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG is an independent enterprise in the KRAIBURG-Holding. We supply the international market with ready-to-install products for acoustic and vibration insulation (DAMTEC®), impact protection (EUROFLEX®), structural protection and transport protection (KRAITEC®), sports floor coverings and elastic layers (SPORTEC®) as well as elastic flooring systems for horse farms and riding facilities (KOMFORTEX®).


New DAMTEC® Installation video

Installation of sub ballast mat SBMK

EUROFLEX® interactive gaming concepts

Living Animals, Talking Mushrooms, Game Floor

EUROFLEX interaktive Spielkonzepte

Premier 2016

Winner of business award “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”

Premier Großer Preis des Mittelstandes


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