Advantages of EUROFLEX® products

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  • Tested Quality
    – (ISO 9001 certified, with third-party QC inspection
    – Compliance with impact protection standards
    – EN 1177:2008 and ASTM F 1292:2009
    – Compliance with EN 71/3 Safety of Toys / Migration of Certain Elements
    – Compliance with national equipment safety laws
    – Compliance with fire and abrasion resistance standards)
  • 40 years’ field experience worldwide
  • Environment-friendly manufacturing process
  • Produced from high-quality rubber granulate and binding agents
  • Highly effective, uniform cushioning protection ensures maximum safety and outstanding durability
  • EUROFLEX® Impact Protection Slabs are available in various types and designs
  • Complete traceability of the raw-materials through to the final product by using production codes on every single slab
  • Integrated connector pins secure slabs against accidental displacement and theft
  • Superb drainage capacity provided by dimple texturing on lower surface
  • Highly cost-efficient due to rapid installation and permanent playability resulting from excellent water permeability
  • Easy to cut and adapt e.g. to supporting feet of playground equipment
  • Wide range of peripheral accessories available
  • Great freedom for design