Shock absorption testing

The use of shock-absorbent floor systems is necessitated by the requirements of DIN EN 1177:2008.
This standard requires shock-absorbent flooring for a fall height of 60 cm or more.

The suitability of impact protection slabs made of bonded, permanently elastic recycled rubber granules is documented by a test certificate. The impact attenuation is demonstrated by means of the HIC method. HIC, which stands for Head Injury Criterion, is an international parameter for the severity of head injuries. For impact protection materials on playgrounds, the maximum HIC value is 1000. This upper limit ensures that virtually no head injuries with permanent damage can be expected. It is important to remember: the lower the HIC value, the higher the protection for the child’s head.


Messung der Fallhöhe - Diagramm

The critical fall height is determined by a test arrangement with exact specifications consisting of a series of nine fall tests, in which four increasing fall heights are examined. The critical fall height is defined as the lowest fall height that generates an HIC value of 1000.

All EUROFLEX® Impact Protection Slabs are tested in accordance with DIN EN 1177:2008 to determine the HIC value. They are also tested in accordance with ASTMF-1292:2013.