With profiled outer surface from September 2024

EUROFLEX® modular sandbox edging

Optimal Protection around the sandbox

Playing in a sandbox is one of the favourite activities of children. The EUROFLEX® Modular Sandbox Edging is the ideal supplement for separating the sandbox from the remainder of the playground. The soft rubber surface offers active all-round protection and protects children from painful and serious injuries (as opposed to slippery and weathered sandbox edges made of wood or concrete, which pose a high risk of injury due to their surface structure and hardness). The use of side elements allows a high degree of freedom in designing the sandbox and access by machinery for replacing the sand. The self-supporting construction eliminates the need for digging; there are no costs for disposal or foundations. Creation and expansion of sandboxes is therefore much simplified. The EUROFLEX® Modular Sandbox Edging is used in schoolyards, in day care facilities and kindergartens, and as plant troughs, or simply as an element for separating entire, irregularly shaped play areas from the surrounding environment.

EUROFLEX Sandkasteneinfassung

Technical Data

granulated recycled rubber (approx. 90 %)
Binding agent: MDI polyurethane (approx. 10 %)
smooth with open pores; with optional structuring on the outer surface
Length x width x height
1150 x 150 x 300 mm
Centre-to-center separation 1000 mm


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