EUROFLEX® rubber palisade

A perfect combination of design and functionality

Along with safety, aesthetic appearance is a highly desirable attribute on playgrounds as well as sports and recreational facilities. Ideally combining good looks and functionality, EUROFLEX® Rubber Palisades provide designers and users the best of both worlds. EUROFLEX® Rubber Palisades are made from select recycled rubber material which is soft and provides effective protection against serious head injuries. EUROFLEX® Rubber Palisades are comfortable to sit on, dry quickly when wet, do not splinter and are highly resistant to weathering. Available in various heights for high design versatility. Integrated steel anchors provide secure mounting, allow utilization of full height of palisade. Concave fillet provides for flush fit of assembled palisade wall. EUROFLEX® Rubber Palisades are used to border areas and enclosures of all imaginable shapes. Applications range from purely aesthetic design elements to functional partitioning of playing areas or recreational facilities.

EUROFLEX Gummipalisaden

Technical Data

ranulated recycled rubber (approx. 90 %)
Binding agent: MDI polyurethane (approx. 10 %)
Dimensions [mm]
Length x diameter/recess diameter:
little: 400 x 250/200mm
medium: 600 x 250/200 mm
long: 800 x 250/200 mm

total height = 650 mm (rubber part 400 mm + steel anchor 250 mm)
total height = 850 mm (rubber part 600 mm + steel anchor 250 mm)
total height = 1050 mm (rubber part 800 mm + steel anchor 250 mm)

Dimensions steel anchors: Ø 24,4 mm
little: 500 mm/ approx. 16,0 kg/ unit
medium: 650 mm/ approx. 23,0 kg/ unit
long: 750 mm/ approx. 29,0 kg/ unit


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