EUROFLEX® Riding-Toy slabs

Impact protection around spring mounted riding toys

Riding-Toy slabs minimize depression formation around the toy, avoiding puddles and facilitating care and maintenance. Soft and resilient slabs provide optimum impact protection around spring mounted riding toys. Integrated connector pins make installation easy and cost efficient. They are suitable as bordering for a seat height until 0,6m.


Technical Data

Recycled rubber granules bonded with MDI polyurethane
Suitable as an edging element for spring rocker animals up to 0.60 m seat height

smooth with open pores
Length x width x height
1300 x 900 x 50 mm (two-piece) for spring diameter
max. 250mm
Weight [kg] / piece
approx. 16,5 kg/ half part, approx. 33kg complete bordering


Data sheet PDF
Installation instruction PDF