EUROFLEX® Impact Protection Slab EPDM

Brings safety and colour onto the playground

EUROFLEX® EPDM Elastic Slabs are used as fall-impact protection surfacing in conformance with EN 1177:2018 under outdoor playground equipment for fall heights 1,0 m up to 2,40 m or as elastic surfacing slabs on school recess areas, fitness studios. Conditionally resistant to spiked golf shoes or edge trim. Easy and inexpensive to install – with excellent dimensional stability due to integrated connector pins and interlocking masonry-style installation. EUROFLEX® EPDM Elastic Slabs are manufactured by an environment-friendly process and can be recycled as process raw material at the end of their service life. They can be played on under almost any weather conditions.

EUROFLEX Fallschutzplatte EPDM gelb

Technical Data

Rubber granulate: granulated recycled rubber, Topping colored new EPDM granulate
Binding agent: MDI polyurethane
subbase: red
surface: according to EPDM colour palette
Dimensions [mm] / weight [kg] / max. fall height [m]
30 mm / 1.00 m / ca. 5.6 kg
40 mm / 1.20 m / ca. 8.1 kg
50 mm / 1.40 m / ca. 8.4 kg
55 mm / 1.60 m / ca. 9.3 kg
70 mm / 2.10 m / ca. 9.8 kg
80 mm / 2.40 m / ca. 12.8 kg
70+20 mm Softsystem / 3.00 m / ca. 11.0 kg
Dimensions [mm]
500 x 500 mm
length, width: +/- 0,8 %, thickness: +/- 2 mm
Fire resistance
Class Bfl s1 (DIN EN 13501-1, 2018)


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