EUROFLEX® Impact Protection Slab EPDM Multicolor

For more colour diversity on play areas

KRAIBURG Relastec brings more color to your life! The EUROFLEX® EPDM multicolor slab is the newest addition to our EUROFLEX® impact protection slabs range. What makes this slab so very special is its multicolor surface, a mixture of 2 or 3 EPDM colors - according to our EPDM color range - thus providing a wide range of color options and maximum flexibility for individual design. It goes without saying that the EUROFLEX® EPDM multicolor slab has the same safety characteristics as our EUROFLEX® EPDM slabs. The EUROFLEX® EPDM multicolor slab – alone or in combination with EUROFLEX® EPDM slabs – offers exciting design options!

Impact protection slab EPDM Multicolor

Technical Data

granulated recycled rubber, Topping colored new EPDM granulate 2 or 3 component mixture
Binding agent: MDI polyurethane
subbase: red
surface: according to EPDM colour palette
minor colour variations and/or fading possible
Dimensions [mm] / weight [kg] / max. fall height [m]
30 mm / 1.00 m / ca. 5.6 kg
40 mm / 1.20 m / ca. 8.1 kg
50 mm / 1.40 m / ca. 8.4 kg
55 mm / 1.60 m / ca. 9.3 kg
70 mm / 2.10 m / ca. 10.8 kg
80 mm / 2.40 m / ca. 12.8 kg
70+20 mm Softsystem / 3.00 m / ca. 11.0 kg
Dimensions [mm]
500 x 500 mm


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