EUROFLEX® Sports Pavement Slabs

Modern surfacing system with tested ball rebound properties

EUROFLEX® Sports Pavement Slabs fulfil the needs of children, teenagers and adults - whether they are sports enthusiasts or nearby residents. EUROFLEX® Sports Pavement Slabs are highly compacted in manufacturing, giving them excellent abrasion resistance and outstanding ball rebound properties in accordance with DIN 18032 Part 2. Their high elasticity provides cushioning for players‘ ligaments and joints. Sound deadening of 23 dB goes easy on neighbours‘ nerves. Integrated connector pins permit easy and cost-efficient installation in a masonry-style configuration without need for glueing. The substructure can be a paved surface or firmly compacted aggregate material (not sand). Line application on the surface is easy, allowing markings for all types of sports. EUROFLEX® Sports Pavement Slabs are used in facilities for a wide range of sports and recreational activities. Successful applications include paved areas for football, basketball, street hockey, volleyball, generation-spanning activity parks as well as peripheral surfacing around table-tennis tables.

EUROFLEX Ballspielplatte

Technical Data

granulated recycled rubber
Binding agent: coloured MDI polyurethane
Dimensions [mm]
500 x 500 x 30 mm
500 x 500 x 40 mm
1000 x 500 x 40 mm


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