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EUROFLEX® Mushrooms

Decorative elements for playgrounds with added value

Playing promotes childrens‘ physical and communicative abilities. EUROFLEX® Mushrooms combine both of these aspects by letting children follow their urge for energetic activity while creating imaginative islands and seating arrangements which promote communication. EUROFLEX® Mushrooms are available in different heights, allowing creation of playing areas for all age groups. The EPDM colour range provides further flexibility in design. EUROFLEX® Mushrooms can be used purely as playing equipment or to integrate mini-islands in playgrounds in schoolyards and daycare centres. They also permit maximum flexibility for individual design of playgrounds.

EUROFLEX® mushrooms

Technical Data

granulated recycled rubber
Binding agent: MDI polyurethane
Mushroom Caps: EPDM rubber granulate
Binding agent: MDI polyurethane
Colour for Cap: red RAL 3016, green RAL 6021, yellow RAL 1002, blue RAL 5015
Other colour on request
Spots are variable in colour

Colour for Stems: reddish brown
minor colour variations and/or fading possible
Dimensions /weight
200 x 255 mm (including socket) / approx. 8,0 kg/ unit
300 x 255 mm (including socket) / approx. 13,0 kg/ unit
400 x 255 mm (including socket) / approx. 16,0 kg/ unit
500 x 255 mm (including socket) / approx. 20,0 kg/ unit

Mushroom Cap: Diameter: 450 mm, Weight: approx. 13 kg


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