EUROFLEX® Letter and Number Slabs

Safe and playfully learning

The EUROFLEX® Letter and Number Slabs are ideal for designing playgrounds in schools, kindergartens and day care facilities and provide educational enhancement for all play and sports areas, as well as amusement parks. In combination with standard and colourful impact protection slabs, these slabs can be used for numerous games involving hopping. While exercising their natural impulse to be active, children can heighten their coordination skills and reinforce their knowledge of the alphabet and numbers.

EUROFLEX Buchstabenplatten

Technical Data

granulated recycled rubber
Design: EPDM granulate Letter and Number EPDM and recycled granulate
Binding agent: MDI polyurethane
Surface: red and green for slabs
Colour of letters and numbers: red, grey or blue
Dimensions [mm] / weight [kg] / max. fall height [m]
30 mm / 1.00 m / ca. 5.2 kg
40 mm / 1.20 m / ca. 6.5 kg
50 mm / 1.50 m / ca. 7.5 kg
60 mm / 1.70 m / ca. 9.0 kg
70 mm / 2.10 m / ca. 10.4 kg
80 mm / 2.40 m / ca. 12.0 kg
60+20 mm Softsystem / 2.60 m / ca. 9.3 kg
70+20 mm Softsystem / 3.00 m / ca. 10.7 kg
Dimensions [mm]
500 x 500 mm


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