EUROFLEX® Visual System comfort – Elastic layer with printed top layer for indoor use

EUROFLEX® Visual System comfort is used wherever no legally prescribed fall protection values have to be complied with. With our EUROFLEX® Visual System comfort, you can design and print your surface completely individually down to the pixel – in practically any shape and size!

With EUROFLEX® Visual System comfort, we offer an ideal system for shop areas, exhibition stands or other areas where a creative floor covering is required. The high fire protection class, high slip resistance and excellent impact sound improvement of 20 dB are ideal properties for commercially used areas.


1 surface covering with individual motif
2 adhesive
3 elastic layer (4 mm)
4 adhesive
5 concrete base


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For shops

For restaurants

For company headquarters

For offices

For kindergardens

For schools

Advantages & properties of EUROFLEX® Visual System comfort

Great freedom for design

Great freedom for design

made possible by pixel-accurate, individual printing on the surface

Impact sound improvement

Impact sound improvement

-20 dB for a calm room ambience

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

due to a seamless surface

High anti-slip properties

High anti-slip properties

R10 due to surface covering

High elasticity & walking comfort

High elasticity & walking comfort

for cushioning shocks and falls

Service class 32

Service class 32

for commercial buildings with medium stress

High walking comfort

High walking comfort

due to elastic layer

Low net weight

Low net weight

only 1.95 kg/m²

Printable with individual or ready-made textures!

Example motifs

Many more textures and motif collections for you to use (animals, sea, jungle, space, traffic/city, etc.) are available in vector format on request!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions regarding EUROFLEX® Visual System comfort

What is the procedure from the request for quotation to the installation?
  1. Dimensioned sketch
    Please send us a dimensioned sketch of the surface that is as accurate as possible. This sketch is required to be able to make an offer. This could look like this:Bemaßung Visual System
  2. Offer
    Based on your dimensioned sketch we will send you a non-binding offer. If you like it, we can proceed to the next step.
  3. There are two options for the design to be printed:
    – Design by our floor designers
    : Click on the following link to the image portal, select 5-10 images and send us the link or Creative # (number) so that we can identify the images beyond doubt. You can neglect the prices of the individual pictures. The first draft is free! Several designs and changes will be charged fairly.

    – Designed by your own advertising agency or marketing department: Send us the print file in vector format (.pdf or .eps) created in the correct scale. In order to avoid colour deviations in the print, this should be created in CMYK colour mode.
    >> Download an exemplary vector graphic
    If you zoom in on this vector graphic in the document, you will notice that, unlike pixel images, the motifs do not become pixelated. Therefore, the vector format is perfect for printing on large areas.

  4. Approval of printing data
    If you decided to create the print file by yourself, we check your data for printability and point out any necessary changes.
  5. Production
    Once all the necessary details have been clarified, our sales department will contact you regarding payment modalities, delivery time and delivery so that the elastic layer and the printed surface can be produced as soon as possible.
  6. Installation
    The installation on site must be carried out by the customer himself using our installation instructions (download see below).
What material is the printed surface covering made of?

The surface covering is a 2.9 mm thick vinyl floor. It is antistatic. It is standardly divided into 2.0/3.0 m wide strips (max.
4 m possible). The surface is sealed ex factory which enables easy cleaning.
The product Visual System comfort consisting of an elastic layer and vinyl surface covering is offered and supplied as a complete system by KRAIBURG Relastec.

What material is the elastic layer made of?

The elastic layer is 4mm thick and consists of high-quality recycled rubber granulate. Due to the excellent material properties of this material, a impact sound improvement of 20 dB according to ISO 10140 is achieved for the entire system. In addition, the elastic layer ensures pleasant walking comfort. The elastic layer is delivered with the separate printed surface and has to be bonded together on site.

Which motifs can be printed?

In principle, any motif can be printed on the surface covering. However, a high resolution of the motif is decisive. Mobile phone shots or shots with cameras are usually not sufficient.

Especially for larger areas, professionally created textures or vector graphics are recommended, which can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. In the picture gallery you will find numerous elements on various topics such as jungle, animals, sea, space or cities. We can provide you with these as vector graphics. Your advertising agency or marketing department can change these at will or integrate only individual elements of it into your surface. We will be happy to send you detailed print data requirements on request.

What do I do if I cannot provide vector graphics for printing?

The following link will take you to an image database which offers an almost unlimited selection of images:
Filter by subject and select a maximum of ten images. Our highly qualified design team will use your selection to create a nice surface that is fully tailored to the customer‘s needs and will certainly attract attention.

Is the surface UV resistant?

According to DIN EN ISO 10581/ DIN EN ISO 105-B02, procedure 3, the printing of the floor provides a UV resistancy of >6, the best class.

What is the slip resistance of the surrface?

The floor has achieved an excellent slip resistance value of R10 (tested according to DIN EN 16165).

Which fire protection class is achieved?

The system has achieved the best fire classification (Cfl-s1) for acoustic insulation systems.

Is it possible to install the system in an outdoor area?

Usage in outdoor areas is not possible.

Can Visual System comfort be used multiple times?

Yes! The floor can be used as a temporary flooring solution – for instance on fairs – by fixating it with double-sided tape. In this way, the floor can be reused later in another place.

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