KRAITEC® for maintenance and revision walkways

Requirements for protective layers and reasons for them

  • Quick and easy laying: Economical laying, no heavy equipment required, no compensation layer (e.g. gravel) required
  • Tested fire behaviour: for providing protection from fire
  • Slip resistance and sure-footedness: So that slipping is prevented, even on wet surfaces.
  • Effective colour design options: Creation of different maintenance routes for different areas by means of colour marking.
  • Integrated separating layers in the event of incompatibility, wind suction protection: Separating layer integrated in accordance with flat roof directive (money saved due to omission of a processing step), additional welding capability with sealing.
  • Frost protection, water permeability: Avoids puddle formation and resulting slipperiness due to ice.

Solutions with KRAITEC®

  • Easy loose and quick laying technique with plug-in connectors preinstalled in the factory. Can also be quickly replaced in the event of damage. Can be permanently secured to prevent slipping and wind suction by means of hot air welding and gluing.
  • In accordance with DIN EN 13501-5 Brooft1
  • Slip resistance R10 (in accordance with DIN 51130:2014-02)  and evaluation group C (for wet barefoot areas DIN 51097:1992-11).
  • 4 standard colours available, for 1-4 areas such as grey = ventilation equipment, green = horticulturists, red = maintenance of photovoltaic systems etc.
  • Integrated separating layers such fleece, PVC on rear, these can be welded using a hot air blower for sealing, therefore providing layer and wind suction protection.
  • Frost-resistant and water permeable due to open granular structure, no puddle formation. Quick water drainage through drainage channels.

Reference Projects