Acoustic Insulation under Floor Coverings

DAMTEC® black uni

can be laid under laminate, parquet, carpet as well as linoleum and PVC and provides for more peace. European Technical Assessment (ETA) and CE label

DAMTEC black uni B1

DAMTEC® black uni B1

complys with high requirements of the structural fire protection (Bfl-s1) and is therefore suitable for residential and commercial buildings. European Technical Assessment (ETA) and CE label

DAMTEC standard Fliese Aufbau

DAMTEC® standard

an universal product for impact sound insulation which can be used under all floor coverings.


Product finder

Find step by step the suitable DAMTEC® product for your impact sound application!

Shown sound reduction values are our maximum tested values and are dependent on the material, exact floor type, room conditions and the installation process.

Advantages and properties

  • increased noise control / sound proofing with a slight adding to overall floor height
  • outstanding load-bearing performance provided by extreme compressive strength
  • permanently elastic
  • no reduction of the acoustic and anti-vibration properties due to highest resiliency even after years of use
  • environment-friendly (made from recycled crumb rubber, can be recycled again)
  • water-proof and rot-proof
  • excellent thermal conductivity, ideal for use with underfloor heating or cooling systems